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[11.12.03 - 07:54PM]
new journal: district

add me! xxx
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[11.12.03 - 01:36PM]
everything feels so old and over-done. please, someone give me a live journal code so i can start over.

other than that, i don't really have anything important to say. xxx
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[01.12.03 - 12:10AM]
hahahaha. the l-j scenester_sex community spelt scenester wrong on their background. that is pretty freakin' funny if you ask me. i wonder who did that.

oh, and my icon got stolen by someone. ya know the horse one with fire autumn colours? yeah. i am pissed off. the end! xoxo
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so perfect, you paint it [29.11.03 - 03:06PM]
i hear hot hot heat -- talk to me, dance with me

well, i'm home and i'm sleepy and grumpy, but it was a pretty good week. jen got her tongue pierced and it looks really HOT. i stayed with her a lot, although we were in different hotels. the security guards let me stay there a few nights, ha! so -- i got drunk and had fun with everyone and things like that. megan drank too much one night and fell over and hit her head on the ground and was unconscious. she went to hospital -- it was stupid really. and jen GOT SICK on the 2nd last day and went home. and i missed her terribly, and i still do. did you know that it's possible for a girl to hook up with 28 boys in one night? well, it is -- just ask laura. wooaahh.

so. i guess while i was away i learnt a lot about my friends that i didn't know about before. some is good -- a lot of it is really disappointing. but you get that i suppose. i saw PETE on the news (oh pete) and i saw BEN around the place lots of times which made the week that much better. i <3 those boys, you have no idea hehe. last night i went home cuz all the girls i was staying with wanted to dance and kiss boys on the beach, and i hate dancing. i didn't know where my other friends were, so nobody would come to cavill with me. so i went back to the apartment. booooo! but yah.. it was okay. after that, some stupid boys tried to get into our locked apartment and kicked the door in, and broke the lock right off. assholes. but ya know. it's okay!

one night though, me and jen went out for dinner at a chinese restaurant just the two of us. then we went back to her unit and slept. i am lame and stupid because that was one of my favourite things about schoolies -- i got to spend more time with her. i loved walking with her and holding her hand and stuff. it was fucking great.

i guess the most fun in the whole week was with jen and kris. not to say that my other friends are boring or anything, but i just don't enjoy dancing for hours and having weird guys feel me up and hooking up with randoms as much as they do. no worries though -- i had fun anyway.

so that's all for now. <3

WOooOWHHOOo [20.11.03 - 11:32PM]
i am so freakin proud of jen and megan! and nicole! and everyone! i'm really amazingly upset to be leaving everyone -- i just want to keep them all forever. i feel very lost. i knew i'd be sad to leave all my friends, but i feel as if i need more time to let them know how much they mean to me before i can let go of them. aww i don't know. maybe i'm just being sentimental. but i wrote some letters. night night. xoxo
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<3<3 [19.11.03 - 10:14PM]

[12.11.03 - 10:29PM]
Find the month you were born and then cross out the aspects that don't seem to describe you.

january to mayCollapse )

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

july to decemberCollapse )
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[19.10.03 - 04:58PM]
[ mood | special ]

rachel ROCKS. i love rachel so much i could eat lots of chocolate and be really fat.
i think i might just do that!! COME EAT CHOCOLATE WITH ME.

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[13.09.03 - 02:49PM]
[ mood | okay ]

in a comment, sum up your thoughts about me in one word.
probably no one will do this. but i thought id try. xoxo

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[06.09.03 - 05:12PM]
justin timberlake is awesome. hahaha. xoxo
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[18.08.03 - 06:43PM]
[ mood | calm ]

me & davey. oh god yes.

adam striking a pose. grr.

i love pictures of shoes.

today i spoke to my study of religion teacher and asked her if i could do my speech in front of a small group of people instead of my whole class. because i am a NUTCASE.

that's all folks. xoxo

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[16.08.03 - 12:00PM]
[ mood | sore ]


DO IT. :) xoxo

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FILLTHISOUTPLEASE. [03.07.03 - 04:10PM]
[x] name:
[x] location:
[x] age:
[x] birthday:
[x] favorite thing to do:
[x] hobbies:
[x] preferred music genre:
[x] bands you enjoy the most:
[x] why do you like my livejournal:
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[01.07.03 - 09:01PM]
the paint curls and lifts and falls into your lap. memories and dreams of what used to be, scattered and crashing. like a star exploding in the velvet of the sky, and finding itself in all the holes that they forget to look in. their fire cannot last if it cannot feed. you try to pick up the pieces but they burn your hands. so you must wait until they are ashes. and by then it is too late. they have lost all the secrets they once had, all the meaning, all the life, so that they are sad, dull hints of whatever it was you stored in your mind. whatever it was you used to think of when it was raining and you couldn't go outside. or when the trees lost the gold in their leaves, and turned to green, and left you the only one red and yellow and full of blank sorrow. the only thing left to do now is close your eyes and write down what you think you remember, not what you think you know. we all know that the facts are cold and meaningless.
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clutter [01.07.03 - 07:29PM]
my bones are cold. the view from here is great. here among the stars, i breathe in dust. the city lights are like fireflies resting on a black canvas, scattered and random. if i cry, i'll give them something to remember me by. and they will feel it in their ribs, beautiful sorrow. it is still attached to me. my heartstrings ache and tangle into tiny knots that can only be fixed by your hands.
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[20.06.03 - 03:17PM]
[ mood | amused ]

baby, do you have SARS? cuz you take my breath away.

that made me giggle. xoxo

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[24.05.03 - 05:07PM]
[ mood | anxious ]


01. Cried: no. i never cry. (liar)
02. Bought Something: my rad purple old lady glasses for $1 that i coloured black with a sharpie.
03. Gotten Sick: i've felt kind of anxious-sick. but not sick sick.
04. Sang: i always sing. i feel shaky.
05. Said I Love You: no. but i wrote it in a text message.
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: yes. fuck me.
07. Met Someone New: no i haven't. i will tonight though.
08. Moved On: i never move on.
09. Talked To Someone: yes. parents, jen, sisters, megan.
10. Had A Serious Talk: yes, two of those.
11. Missed Someone: yeah, i always miss someone.
12. Hugged Someone: yes, it was an awesome i-missed-you hug too.
13. Kissed Someone: no, i don't often kiss people.
14. Fought With Your Parents: yeah, my sister is hard to get along with sometimes.
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: yeah, i doubt he even exists.
16. Had a lot of sleep: i've had a little.

do this or you are not cool. xoxo

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new deftones? [19.05.03 - 09:42PM]
[ mood | curious ]

i've heard minerva and something else and i like what i hear - not as intense as others but it's still got that overall deftones vibe. tell me what you think.

what does chino's voice make you think of? please share. xoxo

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i won't give up on you [19.05.03 - 04:52PM]
[ mood | okay ]

today was good.

the moon looked like a paper lantern in the sky last night. it was coloured like a marigold. you all should have seen it. xoxo

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[12.05.03 - 06:00PM]
[ mood | calm ]

bright eyes - nothing gets crossed out

well the future's got me worried
such awful thoughts
my head's a carousel of pictures
the spinning never stops
i just want someone to walk in front
and i'll follow the leader

like when i fell under the weight of a schoolboy crush
started carrying her books and doing lots of drugs
i almost forgot who i was
but i came to my senses
now i'm trying to be assertive
i'm making plans
gonna rise to the occasion yeah
meet all their demands
but all i do is just lay in bed
and hide under the covers
yeah i know i should be brave
but i'm just too afraid of all this change
and it's too hard to focus through all this doubt
i keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out

working on the record seems pointless now
when the world ends who's gonna hear it?
but i'm trying to take some comfort in written words
yeah, tim, i heard your album and it's better than good
when we get off tour i think we should
hang and black out together
'cause i been feeling sentimental for days gone by
all the summers singing, drinking, laughing
wasting our time
remember all the songs and the way we smiled
in those basements made of music
but now i've got to crawl to get anywhere at all
i'm not as strong as i thought

so when i'm lost in a crowd
i hope that you'll pick me out
how i long to be found
the grass grew high, i laid down
now i'm waiting for a hand
to lift me up, help me stand
i've been laying so low
don't wanna lay here no more
don't wanna lay here no more

everything that happens is supposed to be
and it's all predetermined can't change your destiny
guess i'll just keep moving
someday maybe i'll get to where i'm going

sorry, probably should have cut it but oh well, it's my update, and this song shows how i'm feeling right now. today was okay, i was sad for most of it but i tried to be happy. afternoon was better, swung between fucking furious, amazed, and happy. odd huh? now i'm sitting here in my star pyjamas with a headache, but things are strangely alright. and conor is singing to me. i can dream, can't i? hehe. err.. yah. that's all for now. xoxo

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